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Hazard management SOW

Author Topic: Hazard management SOW  (Read 987 times)


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Hazard management SOW
« on: March 05, 2011, 04:23:52 PM »

   I am writing a SOW for year 9 students that follow a humanities pathway from next year (basically they have extra lessons in history and geography). Therefore we have room for a new scheme of work and we want something that is slightly different.

We have decided upon a disaster management SOW. I need to include a couple of lessons on natural hazards that have been managed particularly well and also particularly badly.

Any ideas on modern interesting examples?




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Re: Hazard management SOW
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2011, 09:07:15 PM »
From a purely tectonics viewpoint

Managed Well:

Lake Nyos (de-gassing)
Etna (lava diversion)
Pinatubo (prediction and evacuation)
Sakurijima (island evac and preparation)

Lots of possible prediction things - most a bit iffy at best!
Turkey - North Anatolian fault - predicted successfully the location of earthquakes
Torre Mayor - EQ 'proof' structure
If you search the forum for LEDC earthquake proof buildings you will find a thread that someone based on a National Geographic Article

This could be lots of things
Looking at the impact of lack of aseismic design would be good - Haiti?
Also look at Quasi natural earthquakes - Killari dam triggering a local faultline for instance

For year 9 sounds like you need to get them making earthquake proof structures then test them on a 'shaker table' - I think it's Noel's pages that have the instructions for that (hope that's right)
I've done it before giving different materials to different groups to illustrate LEDC and MEDC resources. Could do a similar thing building cyclone proof structures - get the fans going, a watering can on standby and watch for the carnage  ;)