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Kate Russell:
A suggestion from Stephen Schwab was to set up a place on SLN for people to log CPD experiences they have just had to help other Dept leaders/colleagues to spend CPD budgets with care & confidence, to reflect on good/less good training.

This is that place!

Please keep your comments professional and not personal, using criteria such Curricular validity and relevance, Value for Money, resources supplied and venue and facilities.

Scottish Asssociation of Geography Teachers (SAGT) annual conference. Fee this year £35 for members £60 for non members. Excellent opportunity for networking and hearing keynote lectures and then a choice of seminars - this year on 13 different topics - some given by familiar SLN names . Publishers exhibition. A must for Scottish geographers but everyone is most welcome. Next year to be held on Sat 23rd October at Hutcheson's School Glasgow. Great value for money and small enough to be friendly if you don't know anyone.

Noel Jenkins:

--- Quote from: Anne Greaves on November 18, 2009, 08:53:12 AM ---I won't shamelessly promote the GA's CPD events, but I'm hoping some of you will add positive comments about them, particularly Annual Conference

--- End quote ---
LOL! I might say the same about my training courses which are a-mazin... and I've been on all of them  ;)

Stephen Schwab:
Noel is right, this is for post CPD messages.
Pre CPD heads up should be on the Coming Soon thread, still on SLN but not here please. :)
Who will be our first C[pd]omparer?

Noel Jenkins:

--- Quote from: Stephen Schwab on November 18, 2009, 09:01:13 PM ---Who will be our first C[pd]omparer?

--- End quote ---

I'll review the Advanced Google Earth Course from last Thursday for Keynotes which I led. Don't think anyone who came is on SLN so it will have to be self-assessment I'm afraid.

It was absolutely fricking brilliant, with a very good-looking and enthusiastic presenter, loads of original and subversive ideas, fantastic memory stick full of quality items. And very tasty food.
I highly recommend the course ;)


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