Author Topic: 2017 Send My Friend To School Campaign - FREE resource pack!  (Read 675 times)

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Join Send My Friend to School today and involve your class in the campaign to get every child around the world a quality education!

Download your free Teacher's Pack with everything you need to bring the campaign to life in your classroom, including films, case studies and activities.

Send My Friend to School is a coalition campaign which brings together young people, politicians, teachers, civil society and the media in joint campaigning to demand quality education for all children across the globe.

Each year around 5000 schools and 500,000 young people take part in the campaign, teaching young people the power and importance of using their voices in chorus with others across the globe to create positive change.

World leaders have promised every child a quality education by 2030 but a key piece of the puzzle is not in place - the money to pay for that education. Therefore this year the Send My Friend campaign is calling on the UK government to increase their investment in global education. Join the campaign today and get your free teaching resources: