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Promotions / Upcoming CPD courses from the GA in the new year!
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:50:37 PM »

Revising and reviewing for geography at GCSE and A level
This course is aimed at teachers of GCSE and A level geography

How can we support our GCSE and A level geography students in reviewing and revising content and skills both throughout and at the end of their courses?  This course will consider evidenced based ideas related to learning and memory and how these can be applied in geography lessons.  Delegates will have the opportunity to share ideas and consider how ideas can be used in their own contexts. This course will build upon ideas from the GA GCSE Geography Revision Toolkit.

•   Explore evidenced based ideas related to learning and memory
•   Apply ideas to GCSE and A level geography lessons
•   Share ideas and consider how they can be adapted to suit specific contexts

This course will take place in London - Monday 4 February 2019.
Book your place here! >>>

A level subject update: global systems and glaciated landscapes
Aimed at teachers of secondary geography

This course, led by Katie Willis (Professor of human geography, Royal Holloway University) and Richard Waller (Senior lecturer in physical geography, Keele University) will provide a subject update for teachers of A level or IB geography.  The morning session will focus on global systems and global governance.  It will outline global governance as a concept, give an overview of mechanisms relating to migration and development and provide up-to-date case studies that can be used with students in the classroom.  Glaciated landscapes will be the focus of the afternoon session.  This will discuss glacial formation, processes and diversity before focusing on the relevance of these landscapes to society and opportunities for fieldwork.

This course will take place in London - Tuesday 5 February 2019.
Book your place here! >>>

Outstanding teaching and learning in primary geography
Aimed at primary geography subject leaders

This course will help you develop stimulating geography teaching and learning that will inspire and enthuse both pupils and members of staff. We will consider what constitutes high-quality geographical knowledge and skills, and how to plan for and evidence it. Taking a wider view, we will investigate how aspects of SMSC and British values can be taught in the context of geography and how fieldwork can support effective geography teaching and learning.

•   Explore outstanding teaching and learning in geography
•   Develop a deeper understanding of what assessment in geography looks like
•   Assess pupils’ learning and plan for improvement
•   Evaluate and plan for whole-school development in the subject
•   Help staff to better support wider issues such as SMSC, British values and the global dimension
•   Develop a deeper understanding of the role of fieldwork in geography

This course will take place in Manchester - Wednesday 6 February 2019.
Book your place here! >>>

For more information about other upcoming courses, teaching resources and to find out more about the GA's Annual Conference 2019 in Manchester, visit our website:

This course focuses on preparing students for the fieldwork component of the new GCSE specifications. Relevant to all specifications, it will suggest practical strategies for writing-up, revising and assessing fieldwork

Aims and outcomes:
  • Discuss what quality geography fieldwork looks like at GCSE
  • Share good practice, ideas and resources to prepare students for their exams
  • Explore practical strategies for writing-up, revising and assessing fieldwork
For more information, or to book your place on this course, click the link below >>>

... in Geography (the NEA)

This one-day event will enable teachers to gain feedback on the first cycle assessment of the Independent Investigation (or Non-Examined Assessment – NEA), a requirement common to all four English Geography A level specifications, as well as those in Wales. This event will enable teachers to:
- Receive feedback from across the four Awarding Bodies about the assessment of the NEA
- Review examples of good practice from summer 2018
- Reflect on lessons learned from the first cycle of NEA assessment
- Reflect on the principles underpinning the NEA
- Consider the implications for planning and organising fieldwork to meet the requirements of the NEA
- Review and evaluate what makes a good student proposal, using the experience from summer 2018, and how these might be strengthened
- Consider good primary and secondary sources of data collection
- Analyse the implications of the mark scheme for getting the best from students.

Because the NEA is a common requirement with standard regulations, this course will suit teachers from any of the four new 2016 specifications.

For more information and to book your place, click the link below:

Urban environments offer diverse, dynamic settings packed full of 'living geography' and stimulating contexts for purposeful geographical enquiry, no matter what the weather or season. This practical course will explore the use of urban areas for primary geography fieldwork, update your geography know-how and demonstrate how to meet the fieldwork requirements in the geography National Curriculum.

For more information, or to book your place, click below:

A NEW CPD programme for primary and secondary teachers of geography and science, funded by the DfE Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF). This FREE programme provides CPD for primary and secondary teachers of geography and science, to strengthen teachers’ subject knowledge and build confidence and capability in curriculum planning and teaching. Further information can be found on the GA website and by downloading a summary of the programme that includes eligibility criteria. Alternatively, email for more information.

This one-day event will enable Geography A level students to learn skills in writing up their Individual Investigation (also known as the NEA). Experienced examiners will offer sessions which will help students to think through how to focus on all the skills required to produce a first-class piece of work, drawing on evidence from the first assessment of the NEA in June 2018. A combination of lecture and activities will enable students to focus upon writing:
  • Aims and context
  • Methodologies
  • Present their findings using a wide range of data presentation skills
  • Analyse their work and consider what makes strong analysis
  • Draw conclusions on the basis of evidence
  • Evaluate their findings.

Click below to find out more and to book your place >>>

Promotions / GA CPD Course - Leading Primary Geography
« on: October 04, 2018, 03:40:04 PM »
Join us to develop your understanding of geography's core skills and knowledge. This course will help you to lead primary geography successfully and raise the standard of teaching and learning of the subject in your school. You will explore how to stimulate geographical learning that is relevant, progressive and engaging. The session will also examine the geographical connections to other subject areas and whole-school dimensions such as global learning, sustainability, values and learning outside the classroom.
Click below to find out more and book your place >>>

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